Questioning the Root Cause/Definition of Cancer

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Re: Questioning the Root Cause/Definition of Cancer

Post by goldenoldie » Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:57 am

Thanks for the reams of breakfast reading you have provided. My reply will be rather shorter you maybe glad to hear.
I am not sure what you were hoping to achieve as we can all access this theoretical stuff IF we wish to.....yes I dare say -and those more qualified have done so - that various things in modern day life are a contribution to our various cancers. Quoting the ages of Americans from the dawn of that country is not helpful..they lived a completely different sort of life, ate different things so bear no relation to today's life that we all share.
Whatever research anyone believes or does not believ,e in takes time..there have been enormous strides in the last twenty years and indeed since I went through my stem cell therapy only five years ago it has changed almost out of recognition. Laboratories all over the world now collaborate their findings..and they are getting there slowly BUT surely without hotheaded results being announced.....research is a bit like watching the washing machine...seems to take an age but doesn't, in the fullness of time.
All we, as mere Joe Public can do is to live as healthy a life as you can and support those who strive for answers. I say this as a statistic in the research against Lymphona.

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Re: Questioning the Root Cause/Definition of Cancer

Post by webmaster » Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:01 pm

The original 2 "posts" were "cut & pasted" from several sites and forums. They were not relevant to csf and I have deleted them.


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