Proxy Servers - a warning!

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Proxy Servers - a warning!

Post by webmaster » Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:40 pm

Because the Free to Air Television channels previously available in southern France and Spain are no longer available, people may be tempted to access these channels via the Internet.

Some programs are supposedly only available via the Internet to people resident in the UK - this is done by a simple check on the IP address of the user's computer - and access is denied if the computer has a non-UK IP address.

It is possible to "hide" your real IP address by using a service called a Proxy Server. In essence you connect your computer via the Internet to a Proxy Server with a UK IP address and ask it to connect to, for example the BBC. As the Proxy Server is using a UK IP address it can receive the program, and the Proxy Server then passes the program on to you. All relatively simple, even if it can be slow, depending on the Proxy Server used.

The problem is that Proxy Servers can be used for a variety of nefarious activities by anyone who wishes to remain anonymous on the Internet, and there are some very dubious Proxy Server companies out there. Many of them allow spammers to create garbage advertising emails and forum posts, and as a result the anti-spam software used by email software and forum software (such as the CSF Forum) rejects any attempt to connect from these rogue Proxy Servers.

One such untrusted Proxy Server is Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree Inc. It is blacklisted by many anti-spam software providers, including the software used by this forum. If you try to connect via such a blacklisted Proxy Server you will not be allowed access to this forum, and potentially other web sites as well. For further information see ... vpn-review

So, a warning to anyone thinking of using a Proxy Server for TV access - check very carefully to ensure that the Proxy Server is a genuine company that tries to stop abuse by spammers and criminal organisations and is not widely blacklisted. Checking is not easy, and you should never believe one review - many companies own supposedly independent "review" sites which are there to promote their own software! Always look for multiple sources and cross-check everything.

In any case you should not use a Proxy Server all the time, only when you want to access sites from which you need to hide your real IP address; you should access other sites, such as the CSF Forum, without going via the Proxy Server - that way you will not risk being denied access.

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