secondary breast cancer

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secondary breast cancer

Post by susie54 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:02 pm

Hi everyone. My name is Sue and i'm 54 from Leeds living in Paris. I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 2004 and had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed and had my secondary in 2010 and had mastectomy and a liver met resected. I've had chemo on both occasions and the full does of radiotherapy the first time around. At the moment i'm in full remission, working full time and taking Femara. To see me you wouldn't think anything was/had been wrong, as i've had a reconstruction (not complete yet) and I try to do everything as positively as possible.
My partner has just been hit strongly by the crisis and we're struggling to survive, so much so that I might have to move back to the UK and could do with some listening ears to talk me through my muddled mind. I still have my home in Leeds, which is being rented out, but I own it completely now, so if I moved i wouldn't have to worry to pay for it, just find my council tax and charges, and hopefully there'll be some employment somewhere. If I live here i'm in danger of losing everything but (dilemma), i'm being so well looked after here. The medical treatment and follow ups here are tremendous. I still have the PAC in my chest (my interior brooche:)) which my UK friend who's a Macmillen nurse has NEVER seen before, and i still have 6 monthly PET scans, which fellow sufferers in the UK have never had and quiz me about.
I might not have much choice in whatever decision, but if I go back, how long do my rights last with my treatment here after i've left the country? My Carte Vitale is all up to date and was renewed this year as i've been here 6 years and my mutuelle is up to date too. Also can i pay for the rest of my reconstruction if i've lost my status here and could if necessary I pay for PET scans as i've read PET scans are not used routinely in the UK.
My oncologist tells me if my next bilan complet in Feb is Ok i can have the PAC removed and a nipple, but would it be more worthwhile to keep the PAC, or not if they wont use it in the UK.
Sorry for being so muddled and hope someone can advise, regards to all my fellow sufferers and carers too xx

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Re: secondary breast cancer

Post by pennycsf » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:52 pm

I have copied your post into the General Information Forum as a lot of what you say is relevant to all types of cancer. There is also a reply from one of our members.


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