Recent breast surgery

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Recent breast surgery

Post by MarilynB » Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:48 pm

I recently had a partial mastectomy and on returning for my follow up appointment with the surgeon was told that one of the sentinel nodes removed showed cancer cells. I have therefore just had the op for the removal of all of my lymph nodes. I am now back home 4 days after the op but have problem in that the skin under my arm is numb and swollen and my breast (or what's left of it!) seems heavy ,tight and appears to be swelling down under my arm. My skin seems to prickle as well. I'm worried that this could be the dreaded lympoedema people have told me about or is it just part of the after op swelling. Also should I be trying to exercise gently at this stage or just keeping the arm as still as possible and if so in what position. I have an ordonnance for kine , and I want to try to find one that knows about the after care of breast cancer, I'm in the Charente (16) any recommendations?
My other query is that I am now waiting 3 weeks for the next follow up,appointment and a PET scan but although cancer cells were found in the lymph nodes I am not having any Radiotherapy, chemo but only hormone therapy for 10 years. I feel a little concerned that any stray cells that escaped the lymph nodes will still be floating around in my body. Is this a normal form of treatment here in France.

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Re: Recent breast surgery

Post by pennycsf » Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:02 am

Hello Marilyn,

Welcome to the CSF forum despite the fact that you are here because of your recent diagnosis. I hope you will find support and information here and you can use the PM or e-mail feature if you want to contact anyone that way.

I have copied your post into the "specific cancers - breast cancer" forum as it should get more exposure there and I have also replied more fully to your queries.


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