Basic forum information

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Basic forum information

Post by webmaster » Mon May 31, 2010 2:55 pm

What is the forum?

The forum is an Internet based "Bulletin Board". It allows anyone to exchange information, opinions and ideas with other forum visitors. As with CSF generally, it is not intended to provide medical information, and it is certified as trustworthy by Health on the Net (HONcode).

Why have a forum?

The CSF forum was created because several people thought that experiences of those touched by cancer should be more widely available than is possible with one-to-one contact. Anyone who reads some of the entries, particularly under Cancer Treatment, will see how the forum has already been of service.

There is also an area for CSF Regions to use for items of purely local concern, and private areas of the forum have been developed for Active Listeners and Treasurers & Secretaries.

Who uses the forum?

Anyone with access to the Internet can read the public areas of the CSF forum.

The CSF forum has been visited from as far afield as China, Pakistan, the USA and Canada, though the overwhelming majority of visits have been from France.

How many visitors have used the forum?

The Forum has been viewed at an average of 1000 times per month in 2016 (not including access by the forum adminstrators).

How do visitors find out about the forum?

There are links to the CSF forum from the CSF web site, and from a growing number of web sites and forums such as "completefrance", "totalfrance", "the-vendee".

Most new visitors find the forum by searching on a cancer-related phrase in a search engine such as Google. The CSF forum is regularly "crawled" by search engines, and words used in the forum are indexed by them. For example, a recent visitor from Canada used Google to search for "aromasine" and was directed to the CSF forum.

How do I access the forum?

Simply type the address "" in the address bar of your computer browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) and click on the Forum tab.

If you want to add to the forum you must be a Registered user. This only takes a few moments, and during Registration you will choose your own Username and Password, which you then use every time you want to log in to the forum.
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