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English Speaking Doctors

Post by LostinFrance » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:01 pm

Hi, I saw your notice on the Group 47 newsletter.

My husband was treated in Saint Andre Hospital in Bordeaux by Doctor Marina Gros-Goupil - she spoke perfect English and she is an extremely caring doctor. She would come to see him each day and sit and hold his hand, the care she gave him was second to none. My husband died in May this year - he had renal cancer with secondaries on his lungs, his spine and in his bones.

The care he received from all of the staff in Unit 8 at Saint Andre was tremendous - I cant thank Dr Gros-Goupil enough - she has since telephoned me to see how I was coping and I would recommend her to anyone.

Hope this helps.



Re: English Speaking Doctors

Post by teresarekowska » Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:15 am

If you are being treated for cancer or caring for someone with cancer at Hopital Girac in Angouleme please contact Sylvie Cottham who has an office opposite the cafe in the oncology department and is employed to help cancer patients and their families. Sylvie is French but speaks fluent English, knows all about the French medical system, cancer treatments and where to obtain assistance & what you are entitled to etc. She is very caring, helpful and supportive. Her office phone is 0545 242676. She has assisted us at CSF Riberac and is passionate about trying to improve the French medical 'bedside manner' and palliative care across France. Good luck, Teresa - Secretary CSF Riberac

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Re: English Speaking Doctors

Post by cjm » Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:51 pm

I'd like to post for admin to chase with CSF. About the desire to create registers of English speaking doctors and consultants. That is a big ask and at a recent meeting of the Vendee group some questions were raised. Do we have the right to do this? Without a GP/Consultant permission? Would some not wish to be on such a register? Perhaps they may speak English but if they make an error in their non-mother tongue could they be open to criticism?
I'm raising queries here, not dissing the idea. I am assuming these questions and others have already been thrashed out by CSF.
Happy to debate.

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Re: English Speaking Doctors

Post by francis » Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:33 pm

cjm wrote: Do we have the right to do this? Without a GP/Consultant permission? Would some not wish to be on such a register? Perhaps they may speak English but if they make an error in their non-mother tongue could they be open to criticism?

As I see it, this forum, like any other, is a place to exchange ideas and experiences. It is available to anyone to post information - it is not restricted to members of CSF, and it is not endorsed by CSF as being sound information. And, of course, that information can easily be mistaken.

There is no-one from CSF or elsewhere checking the information, or opinions posted (except for the moderators, who are only concerned with abusive language and attempts to advertise).

So, if you know a doctor who can speak English, put their details on the forum. You may be wrong; you may be right; but it could be helpful to someone! And be prepared for someone else to correct you if you post incorrect information!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: English Speaking Doctors

Post by cjm » Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:40 pm

Sorry Francis, I cannot agree. This is a forum on a specific website. If I want to query something I will. As a CSF site I expect CSF to monitor, otherwise why a site. I can't mail them directly. I am not choosing to be obtuse here, but I have concerns about a free-for-all name the English speaking doctors. My GP speaks English. I know another nearby. Most consultants have to learn English as part of their training. BUT, I want to be assured we are not taking things for granted.

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Re: English Speaking Doctors

Post by csfmoneybags » Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:36 am

Though definitely NOT a moderator, I do monitor this site daily! I take the points on both sides here and will pass them on to the committee at the next meeting (and to the president in the next five minutes!).

Meanwhile, you can always contact us at the office e-mail address, or by 'phone (also both checked daily), if you have a query you want an answer to 'off this board', as it were.


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Re: English Speaking Doctors

Post by pennycsf » Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:44 pm

As I instigated the addition of the "anglophone doctor" forum, I feel I should step in here and add some comments. First, I had been toying for some time with starting a forum which gave information about the specialisms of different hospitals. Not to say that one was better than another, but that others did exist. The forum users are all over France and it is not always easy to know which hospital would be near to someone or whether it gave treatment appropriate to a particular cancer. As it is a question which has come up more than once, pooling that information seemed sensible. I also raised it when we were asking for ideas to improve the forum generally and a number of people responded positively. Hence the Hospital forum was born. You will see from the posting which I made about the P-O (66), that it is purely informative and gives links to the appropriate hospitals. I do not think this is at all controversial (it is used by many forums) and I hope others add to it in the fullness of time.

The Doctors forum started rather differently. A few weeks ago our helpline (which is in the Aude - CSF Sud covers Aude, Ariège and P-O) was called by a French GP. He had a patient with terminal cancer and he asked for names of English speaking GPs in our area. I spoke to him and he felt that he was unable to give adequate support to this family as his English was very limited. He wanted to refer the family to an English speaking GP so that they had as much support as possible in their native language. As a result I e-mailed our members and supporters and was able to find a GP near to the family. Having in this way obtained a list of GPs it seemed sensible to use it in a productive fashion, hence the forum.

I take on board all the comments that have been made. In fact, I wasn't intending to prepare a "register" as cjm calls it, in the P-O I had typed up a list for the French doctor so simply uploaded it to the forum. I do not belive it is necessary to get permission from GPs to add their names, they appear on all sorts of lists which are easily available through the internet, not least in the annuaire. I do know, however, that they are not personally supposed to advertise whether or not they are English speaking. They can advertise their specialities but not their language skills. I have contacted the French GP monitoring body to ensure that we can post this information and am waiting for their response. In the meantime and from the legal information which I do have, there does not seem to be any reason why forum members cannot state that they have used a particular doctor and he/she spoke English.

It is not intended to be a reccommendation for a doctor and we certainly do not allow doctors or other members of the medical profession to be attacked through here. The point of the CSF Forum is to provide support and information pertinent to France, sadly language is a particular problem when ill in a foreign country.

Having looked again at this, I have changed the doctors' forum to clarify a couple of points.

In response to some other issues raised, I am posting in General Information which would seem more appropriate.

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Re: English Speaking Doctors

Post by Linmin » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:53 pm

I believe the British Consulate is attempting to do something similar. Recently I was asked by our Chaplain if I knew of any Englsih-speaking doctors in the Poitiers area as he had been asked for information by the Consulate. I think the objective of providing contacts is therefore perfectly acceptable.

This link from the Cancerinfo website will provide you with an interactive map detailing all the centres authorised to treat cancer. Full contact details, and websites where they exist, are given:- http://csf-forum.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=254

CSF is in partnership with Cancerinfo - (you will find our logo and link to our website on the partenariat page!) It is a good site to explore, the Google translation tool affords fairly good translations of many pages. You can also download several up-to-date booklets about a range of cancers and their treatment. Currently all in French, but we are hoping to translate some of them eventually! Still working on getting authorisation to do this - so watch this space!

Hope this helps,

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