Unsatisfied? How to complain

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Unsatisfied? How to complain

Post by pennycsf » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:55 pm

I have been asked by a Forum reader to pass on her experience after an unhappy event with a doctor. Here it is:

I would like to recommend the process of complaining about medical treatment.

I had an incident where a hospital doctor seized hold of my clothes roughly to pull them aside. without asking permission.

My GP advised I should complain to " L'ordre des medecins." In my case this was in Carcassonne. I wrote (in french) to them and was within 4 days invited to a conciliation meeting 3 weeks later..

The meeting involved the President and vice president of L'ordre, the doctor concerned and his representaive.

At that meeting (to which I could take a third person- translator) My complaint ("plainte") and his response and apology were both presented.

I was told I could either accept his apology or if I did not then the matter would be taken further (I think to a disciplianry hearing) The President told the doctor off very firmly and thanked me for raising this issue , saying that France was behind the UK in sensitvity to these sorts of issues.

The whole matter was settled about 6 weeks after it happened.

I commend it as a process and would be happy to assist anyone wanting to go through this

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Re: Unsatisfied? How to complain

Post by KarenVM87 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:48 am

Last year I had cause to make a formal complaint to a hospital in the UK, for lack of candour to my family. It took over 5 months to resolve and to get an apology. So I am impressed with the system here in France for the same.

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