Positive thinking on being in France!

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Positive thinking on being in France!

Postby pennycsf » Tue May 24, 2016 12:25 pm

This is an extract from a message from a CSF client:

I went to see the cardialogue routinely last week pre prostate op and 24 hours later I am in here and had a pacemaker fitted on Thursday. They are also keen to check out an artery tomorrow and possibly stent it. My heart stopped during fitting of pacemaker so all day Fri and yesterday I was in the ICU wired up. Now free of all pipes and wires but it was an interesting couple of days.

.......my point is, and about this I feel amazingly fortunate, that had I not been in France, they wouldnt have done all the pre op tests and, as I had no symptoms (nb.of the prostate cancer) I wouldnt have known that my life was on a knife edge. The care and detail I have had has been spectacular, and my outcome is likely to be excellent. We are so very lucky to be here, Its very frightening to discover you are not as tough as you thought, but its good to know that with modern medicine and the superb care here, its going to be OK.

Very uplifting :)

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Re: Positive thinking on being in France!

Postby merlin » Mon May 30, 2016 2:23 pm

What wonderful and uplifting true story for any one living here in France who need medical attention.

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