Thonon Hospital

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Thonon Hospital

Post by evianers » Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:04 pm

As mentioned in other posts, three/four months ago, we did not even know where this hospital is situated. Now we know it like the backs of our proverbial hands! We seems to have spent an inordinately long time therein, sitting in various waiting areas, chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, anaesthetist, blood testing, and, and, and...... not to mention the urologist's surgery.
However, that said, we have nothing but praise for the caring, professional attitude of all the staff who bend over backwards to make one's visit as comfortable as possible.
My husband is now in a private room [not even asked for]! where he can rest and try to recouperate his strength after the 5 hour operation and 4 hour wait in recovery. We took in a box of chocs for the nurses this afternoon with a promise of another in a few days - they deserve it! If one has unfortunately to undergo this drastic treatment, there seems to be nowhere better. I only wonder whether other forum members have similar positive experiences. As it is, we shall have to be back there for the tumours on the kidneys to be investigated, once the prostatectomy has healed.
We remain positive and thank the Thonon Hospital staff for their excellent care.

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