Toulouse accomodation for families

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Toulouse accomodation for families

Post by pennycsf » Wed May 22, 2013 1:34 pm

If someone is a patient in any public or private hospital in Toulouse, then their family/carer can ask for overnight accomodation in either the Maison d'Accueil Le Laurier Rose or Le Vallon. They can both be used by day patients who need to stay overnight and the latter is also available to those who need to be "watched" perhaps after minor surgery but who do not need nursing care. Both have 24 hour staff.

In addition, for those wanting to stay near children who are in hospital, there is a "Foundation Ronald McDonald" next to the Children's hospital which also accepts people the night before or after an appointment if they live too far away to make the journey in a day.

The accommodation is chargeable

For further details look at their website which is at:- ... lles,1587-


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Re: Toulouse accomodation for families

Post by PaddyFrog » Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:16 pm

My wife stayed in Le Vallon last week, whilst I was having an intervention at Rangeuil, (to insert two stents into my cardioid artery). It is run by volunteers and is ideally suited for relatives. You help with the washing up and clearing the table. There is no limited to the time staying, ideal for the children's hospital after your two weeks stay with your child is up. Pre book and confirm the day before entry. They give you a form which is stamped by the service treating your family member.

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