Can anyone help?

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Can anyone help?

Post by LABluebell » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:39 pm

After successfully coming through 2 years of treatment for colorectal cancer my husband has just been diagnosed with secondaries in both lungs and lymph nodes. He has had his treatment so far in the UK and was in the process of coming back to live with me in Brittany (Presqu'ile de Crozon) in anticipation of the all- clear next month. The UK prognosis is a life expectancy of 6 months without treatment and 12 months with further chemo. He had to give up chemo meds after 5 rounds because the side effects were too great. We know nothing about what treatment options are available in our part of France and would be so grateful for ANY relevant information to help us know what questions to ask when we see our medecin traitant next week. We have a business in France which would be at risk without us there and are really in a state of utter confusion about where he should be - UK or here. Thank you

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Re: Can anyone help?

Post by pennycsf » Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:58 am

So sorry to read your post.

I suggest you contact the CSF association which is in your area. They can provide you with support during this difficult time and will be able to talk through the options with you. They could have a much better idea of what treatment could be available and the best hospitals etc. in your area.

CSF Bretagne Ouest:

Telephone helpline 02 96 45 76 20

E-mail helpline

I have moved your post to the main General Info section of the Forum rather than in Alternative Therapies where I hope it will get more exposure.


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