Pain and Cancer

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Pain and Cancer

Post by pennycsf » Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:50 pm

Here you will find the newly translated booklet Pain and Cancer. This 146 page booklet is a very detailed and useful guide to why people experience pain and how it can be managed. It has been written in self contained sections so that it does not need to be consulted as a whole. It is followed by a series of Information Sheets, again self contained, and a glossary of terms which may be relevant to pain and pain control.

This booklet forms part of the series of "Guides Info pour les patients" (Cancer info patient guides) published by INCa who have given CSF an exclusive right to translate these into English and reproduce and use them freely.

Below is a summary of the contents of the booklet.

When cancer becomes painful 7
What is pain ? 14
What causes pain during cancer ? 21
Learn how to describe and evaluate pain 32
How to relieve pain 38
Methods of learning how to manage and control your pain 59
Restricting pain linked to treatment and medical procedures 70
Notes for relatives and close friends 78

Additional Information Sheets
Sheet 1 Tools for evaluating pain 82
Sheet 2 A tool for evaluating an adult’s pain when he is unable to do so by himself 95
Sheet 3 Evaluating pain in children 98
Sheet 4 A few preconceived ideas about analgesic medicines 105
Sheet 5 The healthcare professionals’ role in taking care of pain 111

Glossary 118
Pain in Cancer.pdf
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