Paliative care at home and how it works

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Paliative care at home and how it works

Postby pennycsf » Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:31 pm

As France does not have a developed system of hospices (as in the UK), palliative care was traditionally provided in hospital. More and more people are asking for palliative care to be provided within their home environment. This document, which has been translated into English, was produced by Le Centre National de resources soin palliative. It describes the criteria for palliative care, the team approach and how this care can be put in place. Palliative care at home has developed comparatively recently in France and this document also points out the flaws in the system and how steps are being taken to address these.

The document can be found in the original French here:
Palliative Care At Home.pdf
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