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Postby SUNFLOWER » Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:00 am

Hello !

Anyone out there been treated with this chemo drug ?? - I have been told by one nurse at the hospital that it does not affect your hair, and another that it does ....any experiences of anything anyone has please ? - good or bad, tell it like it is - I am one of those who prefers that ! Many thanks !! :idea:

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Re: 5-fluouracil

Postby biggles » Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:13 am

Morning Sunflower
The birds are singing, it will be a great day!!! :D

I was treated for breast cancer in 2006/7 and one of the chemo drugs was 5-Fluoracil. I did lose my hair but that was NOT due to the 5-FU but to the combination drug epirubicin which nearly always causes complete hair loss. If you want to know more about side effects, have a look at the Cancer Help UK website which lists the likely side effects for each type of drug.

Don't forget, you won't necessarily get them all or even ANY!!! I think that is why doctors are a bit cagey about what they tell people, no point alarming you into thinking you'll feel awful if, in fact, YOU don't!

All the best and keep smiling :D

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Re: 5-fluouracil

Postby SUNFLOWER » Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:40 pm

Hi Biggles !

thanks for that - I know what you mean - one doctor said I am likely to lose my hair because it is very fine - another said with this drug you won't lose it ! To be honest I'm not too bothered about the hair and am getting it cut short just in case (it will be better for summer anyway !)

I am also finding the sun is making me look like Hiawatha - my oncologise says this is also a side effect and I have to keep out of the sun !! Luckily today is cloudy !!

I am glad you are recovered from your problems - do you still have to have check ups ? I can never find many people who have the same cancer as I - colo rectal - although I have been chatting to one member of CSF who has had it but like myself, has just been told tumours have been found in the liver as secondaries. It appears to be quite common after this type of cancer.

Yes, I do look on the sites of Cancer UK - all of them ! I am an information junkie ! I also do those in the US and Canada ! I find the Canadian ones useful as the language can be either French or English - useful for printing things to take to the doc or the hospital ........they are not keen on me and my bits of paper ! My doctor was giving me the name of someone to contact the other day and she is very busy, so I said - it's ok I will look it up ...and she said 'On the internet ? - to which I replied No, in the phonebook !! I felt a bit like that old tv ad 'Na, mate, Luton airport !' - c'est la vie !!

Thanks again !

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