Pretty fingers

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Pretty fingers

Postby goldenoldie » Sun Mar 27, 2011 1:12 pm

Just thought I would share this little gem of information with anyone in the same boat!
I had my last chemo in September last year. During a check-up and tests in November, I mentioned that the moons on my fingers were turning lilac colour! I was told that the chemo would "delaminate" my nails over the next few months, and indeed they did/are....the whole top layer of nail eventually came off, leaving a softish under-nail that soon hardened up...BUT the tips are very fragile and I kept getting nicks in them.
The chemist found me some special tape like a self gripping plaster -no adhesive, it clings to itself and not the skin, so the skin can breathe and stay dry. It worked very well although needs renewing every four or five days and at 7 euros a box is not cheap!
Last week when I went into the chemist I was served by a different woman who told me that there is a special "varnish" for chemo patients to harden up the tips without side effects -a bottle is on order for me. Also she showed me some covers for the fingers especially for chemo patients too. They are a special tubi-gauze type and when she showed me how to push half on,twist and then the second half, me being me, said "oh its like putting on a condom!" (at 65, as if I can remember that!) well it made them laugh but they had to agree. They come in white (not very practical) or coloured....SO... I am wearing -from the thumb end, blue,red,green,pink and yellow. Perhaps I will start a new trend? :lol:

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Re: Pretty fingers

Postby pennycsf » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:03 pm

I just had to say, for the benefit of others, that your colourful, condom encased fingers are indeed VERY pretty. AND a great talking point at our CSF Sud (66) get together on Tuesday!

You mention that the cost of the plaster type stuff is not cheap - is it not refunded by your mutuelle? What about the gauze covers?

Keep smiling!!!!


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Re: Pretty fingers

Postby goldenoldie » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:33 pm

Alas, no! neither the self gripping plaster stuff or the condom finger covers are reimbursable...especially as you have to buy TWO packets because the cunning manufacturer packs them in sixes!..and I still have a full set of fingers haha! BUT, on the other hand they do protect your finger-ends from even the most gentle of contact with "things"

I have now had a chance to use the special nail varnish made for chemo clients and it works extremely well! it is flesh coloured and you use one coat that goes on thickly. It hardens the nails very well so they do not chip the moment you touch something. You remove it with ordinary remover -but the sort without alcohol in. This also is not reimbursable although I will ask when I go to my specialist next week.
PS Glad I cheered up the day last Tuesday! :lol:

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