Suck a lemon? NOT!

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Suck a lemon? NOT!

Post by goldenoldie » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:36 pm

I would just like to warn potential and existing members, as I have just received one of those "pass it on" messages from a friend, originating in the States, announcing that a glass of pure lemon juice (from a jiffy bottle??) has been recommended as a treatment for cancer. With this treatment you would not need to go through chemotherapy and it's attendant problems.
PLEASE,PLEASE do not take this as gospel. A glass of some proper lemon juice AND hot water in the morning is a good body cleanser but there is NO proven therapy at present better than chemotherapy IF that is what the specialists have recommended.
There is no "quick fix" treatment for any cancers, we have to trust the specialists to do the best they can for us...On reflection, would they not already have been using this as a cheaper,quicker and easier treatment if it were true? :roll:

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