Handling side effects at home

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Handling side effects at home

Post by pennycsf » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:29 pm

It is often unclear what one should do when faced with possible side effects from chemo treatment which you are taking at home. On the one hand, unless it is REALLY bad, you don't want to bother your GP and on the other it can be worrying. In addition, what about taking supplements to boost you through the difficult days?

I have picked up a leaflet from the ONCO P-O (a collaboration of oncologists across the Pyrénées-Orientales) advertising their call centre which is staffed by two specialist cancer nurses. The aim is to provide advice to those who are taking chemotherapy drugs at home (or who have worries about side effects after day chemotherapy treatment).

On the back of the leaflet it gives some pertinent advice - it says (in French):

FOLLOW the rules for taking your medication and make a note of when you take your tablets or when you forget!

NEVER prescribe your own medicines even if some seem to be natural products. ALWAYS talk to your doctor first.

NEVER take vitamin supplements without talking to your doctor as these may also interfere with the efficacity of your treatment.

WASH YOUR HANDS before and after taking your tablets.

NEVER take a double dose because you have forgotten one or have been sick without medical advice.

DO NOT cut/crush/mix up or suck your tablets UNLESS this is acceptable.

NEVER stop taking the tablets without medical advice - there may be knock on effects from stopping.

If you take too many tablets IMMEDIATELY call your doctor.

Take any unused tablets back to your pharmacist.


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Re: Handling side effects at home

Post by KarenVM87 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:15 am


Regarding side effects,in my husbands case his 'Livret de patient' had so much information regarding his treatment for CLL. Places to make notes and contact telephone numbers for questions and problems. Write everything down that is unusual, for example he had to take his temperature regularly and note.

Our association sits on the patients committee at the Haematology department, CHU Limoges and were asked to translate this into English, here is the link
http://hematolim.fr/Information-grand-p ... en-anglais
Click on this link and then click download patients brochure.

I noted that it is dated 2006 and maybe it is not up to date but may give you some insight.

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