Diep reconstruction - a first hand account!

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Diep reconstruction - a first hand account!

Post by pennycsf » Fri May 10, 2013 9:38 pm

One of our member's has recently had a Diep reconstruction, read her fascinating story here!

Do keep us posted, Jann, as you live with the new you.
Diep Reconstruction.pdf
Diep reconstruction
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Re: Diep reconstruction - a first hand account!

Post by biggles » Mon May 13, 2013 6:16 pm

Oh my! What a story. I never fancied a reconstruction and am mainly happy being lopsided and having a "prothese". However I can well imagine the bliss of having two and a cleavage again, plus no worry about whether they are sitting at the same level! Nothing worse than catching yourself in the supermarket mirror with the falsie having shot up somewhere under your chin.

I hope by now the new boob is "settling in" and you are out of the awful sounding but very vital corset.

Bigg ;) les

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Re: Diep reconstruction - a first hand account!

Post by Jann » Tue May 21, 2013 9:58 pm

:D Hi Biggles, yes the awful corset came off a couple of weeks ago - few! What a relief. Very strange sensation, I felt quite vulnerable but oh the bliss of being free of my little black number! I could have had white but hey if you have to wear a corset you might as well try to be a little sexy with it :lol: I have put it back on when out in the garden because I do have a tendency to want to walk before I can run or dig before I can trowel and I don't want to undo my surgeons hard work.

ha ha ha, for the moment until the adjustment in September I am still lopsided. I have a firm and perky and a one hung lo kinda thing going on. ;) so I am looking forward to getting that sorted but all in all things are going well thank you.

Something that I didn't think too much about but which came as a bit of a surprise was that I have had to come down a cup size. To get the other boob adjusted on the social health care the surgeon has to be able to say it was a reduction. Therefore some tissue has to be removed. Not very much but my new boob is definitely a cup size smaller than the old in readiness for the adjustment in September. That was a bit of a surprise and stupidly miffed me a bit but I think it's because I didn't really appreciate what the surgeon meant. I don't like surprises. At my very first consultation I was told that the reconstruction was 100% covered by social health care providing I stayed the same size as my remaining boob. Therefore, I suppose that if you want to be a bigger cup size and you can afford it you can ask to be larger. I know there are some who might be thinking that you should just be happy to have two boobs but if these sort of things weren't important to us we wouldn't be opting for or being offered re-constructive surgery in the first place.

Having a flatter tummy and losing one of my middle age tyres has been a real billy bonus and worth the two months in the dreaded corset. I put on a couple of kilo's in the two months after surgery. I think the weight gain was partly due to forced lack of activity and the fact that although the hospital and its staff was fantastic the food was incredibly awful :cry: so I let myself have any treat I wanted when I came home. I am now being very good and determined to keep the weight down because my scar tissue is still healing and I don't want to put any more pressure on it - plus I want to keep my trimmer figure :P

All the best

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