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Post by SUZYC » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:13 am

Hi wonder if any can help - point me in the right direction. My young sister lives in Dol De Bretagne and has just been diagnosed with breast cancer - again. She goes in today for a double mastectomy. She has lived and worked in France for 20+ years and speaks French fluently. Because of illness over the last couple of years she has been unable to work. She needs assistance financially and seems to be getting the runaround from one agency to another. They ask for lots of paperwork - she supplies it - then they ask for more etc., etc., This is taking a great toll on her. I wonder if there is one particular organisation you can refer me to who can assist her and sort things out once and for all. She's just trying to cope with the illness and stay alive and the burden of trying to sort out her finances is weighing very heavy. Her husband, I'm sorry to say, seems unable to deal with such things and the onus has always been on her. Any suggestions please?

Many thanks

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Post by goldenoldie » Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:28 pm

Hi Suzyc....I am sure someone else is going to reply to your post as your Sister is not the first to have to deal with this problem. It will certainly help her that her French is fluent, although I have never found NOT speaking good French a problem in any of the oncology wards I have been on.
Most hospitals issue a "Livret de Chemiotherapie" over here. Its a booklet that explains all about the treatment and its side effects and hints on how to help yourself feel better. In mine the last section is called "Aides Diverses" and It says (more or less) "Don't forget you can call on the Social Assistant if necessary." This individual is a sort of Almoner and helps patients sort out all sorts of fiscal problems. The last sentence reads "Do not hesitate to ask the Carer (soignante) for all information or help for you or your family"
The best thing I can advise you is to tell her to ask...all the staff will want to do is get her better mentally as well as physically.
I hope this helps but feel free to post again with any worries. Good Luck :)

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Post by Linmin » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:41 pm

Hi Suzyc
Along with the suggestions already made, have a look at the Cancer and Welfare Services book. There should be a copy on the publications section of the forum. Chapter 6 beginning on page 46 of our English translation deals with income while on sick leave. The Assistante Sociale is always a good starting point.
You might also get some help and support from your local branch of La LIgue Contre le cancer. You could also try contacting your nearest ERI centre.
Don't forget to make contact with our Bretagne Ouest assciation. Details on our website.
Hope this helps,
Best wishes,

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