reconstruction or not after double mastectomy

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reconstruction or not after double mastectomy

Post by Brumstyle » Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:18 pm

Hi everyone

I had breast cancer treatment 3 yrs ago, since found out my family all has BRCA2 & my sister now has BC after a 10 yr gap. We have had ovaries removed (as prevention), and now offered double mastectomy with reconstruction. Problem is this I had 6 weeks of radiotherapy after my partial mastectomy and personally do not know anyone who has had a Dorsal flat (or LD) reconstruction with implant that is 100% happy My main concern is the recovery time after the op., follow up visits, problems etc.
I live 150kms away from my hospital so I am not sure if I want to spend 12 - 18 months of my precious lifetime continuously going to and fro to hospital (which ends up being a day out of my life each time).
I would appreciate comments from anyone who has had this op (post chemo and radiotherapy) and is happy and not uncomfortable or in pain, and comments from anyone who has chosen not to have reconstruction.
My surgeon is horrified that I am considering mastectomy alone, but I think this might be an option for me if I can persuade him.
Good luck and good health to you all, all comments appreciated. :roll:

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Re: reconstruction or not after double mastectomy

Post by pennycsf » Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:33 pm

Hello Brumstyle,

Have you had a look in the "search box" for breast reconstrucion? I know a number of people have posted who have had this and I am pretty sure most were happy with the decision. All the posts are not in one place as to start with we didn't have a breast cancer section. Jann had a Diep reconstruction, if I recall, and the details and her story about that ARE in this section of the forum.

Very best wishes

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