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Free to view english satellite TV

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:28 am
by goldenoldie
Just an update to my previous post.....The "boffins" have been trying out various ideas to get over the problem of us losing our English TV. At present my contact is trying out various sized dishes in various locations to see if that could be the answer. It seems to be in the day but not in the evenings for some channels. He has offered to come up to me to try them out here, but as some of you will know I live in the back of beyond so at least one hour from him.
I have offered to ask around via this post to see if anyone else would like him to come into the Prade valley (or anywhere else too) so that his time will be more economically spent doing several people in one day.
I am NOT touting for business for him but having been through the chemo treatment I know only too well that English TV is a godsend when the fatigue takes over.
Please reply through this post...or for those who know my number, give me a call. This will only affect Free to View viewers. :?