staying alive!..not the bee-gees!

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staying alive!..not the bee-gees!

Post by goldenoldie » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:51 pm

I realise I may be teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but.....
the other day I met a friend I had not seen for some time,who has lived alone in a villagefor about 5 years, and a salutary tale she had to about familiarity breeds contempt -something you do at your peril in this part of the world.
Just before this lousy weather we have had recently, we DID have a couple of fine, hot days! She decided to take full advantage and go for a walk in the woods, up the mountain behind her house. Firstly despite living alone, she did not tell anyone where she was going and secondly she was only wearing a thin pullover...As you would, it WAS hot after all!
After having a jolly tramp in the woods for a couple of hours -with her mind free and floating, she suddenly realised that the sun was going down and turned to come back...h'mm, but which way? Things looked different that way round and because she had wandered, no proper path to follow. The inevitable happened and she slipped on a rock and twisted her ankle. "No problem" she thought and phoned her neighbour for help....but where was she? With only trees to look at, there were no outstanding landmarks...she gave a rough description. Now this is the interesting bit and I can confirm it from when I used to go mushroom hunting with my cousin.
She sat there and heard the neighbour's car arrive some distance away below her, then them call for her. She called back BUT because of the topography of the mountain they could not place her. Eventually they did but she was frozen stiff and thirsty from shouting.
The moral is, ALWAYS wear something bright in pink or red when in the woods so you can be seen; always take a thick jacket - even in summer and (believe me this works) take a hunting dog's bell in your pocket. The sound of a bell you can "place" from a distance straight away, a human voice's tone will always float about. Of course the sensible thing would have been to go somewhere you know when you are alone and leave an indication of where with someone...but then on a fine,hot day here with the urge to be one with Nature, who does sensible?
So to avoid causing a minor emergency and maybe a trip to the hospital, remember to be sensible instead. :oops:

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Re: staying alive!..not the bee-gees!

Post by biggles » Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:33 pm

Hmmmmmm!!!!!! Quite right. I can't remember all the details but there was another salutary tale (with a sadder ending) earlier this year in the P-O. A lady renowned for going off walking on lovely days, did so, fell and died before any rescue party could reach her. The main problem being that no-one knew where she had gone until her car was eventually found and a search could begin.

TELL SOMEONE even if the weather seems fine!!!!!

Biggles ;)

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