stop press! good news on UK TV

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stop press! good news on UK TV

Post by goldenoldie » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:04 pm

Cor...How dismal was it without the BBC programmes on the TV? anyway, thanks to a wonderful person I met today (thanks CSF member whose name I forgot!!) an interim solution until the new system is either working or being wriggled round...try this:- once you are on this, on the lefthand side panel you can choose BBC 1 or 2!!! I could not find BBC 2 on the list so wrote in a blank box at the top BBC TWO...its important you use letters and not numbers. anyway thanks to that I managed to watch the olympic ceremony and hope to watch the following games.

I then tried one of two boxes marked BBC One and one kept breaking into french adverts but kept trying with the other and eventually got Question of Sport Ok so keep trying.
NOW...just had a friend ring to say that she is with AOL (not sure what that means not being techno) but all she got was a "loading" logo...for 45 minutes. Do not understand what difference that makes (sure other people will!) but all I can say is to try it!

Good luck! :D

ps I do find that because I have the minimum strength for internet that occasionally it judders...but only for a few seconds!! be patient!!!

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