more of a tea break?

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more of a tea break?

Post by goldenoldie » Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:00 pm

OK so its January and I have started my annual cupboard clearance, starting (glug) with the food cupboards....well I bought lots of things for 2010 knowing I was in for a year of chemo...but...

I have just found at the back of the cupboard where I keep the tea, about 300 unused Tetley teabags!!! to my horror I found the "best before" date was October 2009!!!! and secondly sadly I have gone over to Yorkshire Tea.

They have been stored properly (not in the open) (in fact 240 of them are still sealed in the original packet,) so if anyone thinks they are OK, drink Tetleys and want to remove them from this house where they are clearly unappreciated, please let me know.

I live up in the mountains near Ille sur Tet, but could bring them down to the Grand Opening of our latest Drop-in Centre at Lizzie's Kitchen on 16th January. SO, if you are interested please reply to the coffee break section of the forum...and "first come, first served"!! :oops:

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Re: more of a tea break?

Post by biggles » Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:34 pm

Oh gosh, what a hoot! Reminds me of a friend who was staying with me some years back. She had a call from one of her kids (aged about 18). "Mum, there is this tin of baked beans in the cupboard with a use by date years ago....."

I can't see your tea bags going "off" any more than the baked beans, keep it quiet, and no-one will know. Give your unbiased visitors Tetleys, personally I prefer PG Tips, must be the chimps!

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