Clistmas Gleetings to one and all!

Anything other than cancer!

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Clistmas Gleetings to one and all!

Post by goldenoldie » Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:24 am

In this Season of so many highs...and lows for us "Band of Brothers", I would like to wish you all the best Christmas possible and a hopefully 2014 that is better than 2013.
I know only too well the many emotions that well up during this time when recovering from chemo or contemplating it happening next year, but try to think positive and manage the day..if you need to rest while others are being manic, then quietly do it. Can't face the turkey? then organise a plate of what you can manage and let the others pig-out. The main thing is not to feel "guilty" that you are out of sync with the rest....more that they are out of sync with you!
And do not forget...if things get TOO much you can always give us a call.

Happy Seasons Greetings!

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