good news! for freeview TV!!

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good news! for freeview TV!!

Post by goldenoldie » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:53 am

first the good news...Hermann has just emailed me to say a 1.5 diameter dish or an IPTV will do the trick! but I feel before you all jump for joy you must consider a couple of things. (1) first measure on the floor 1.5...its quite big. so (2) you may have to put out feelers with your Marie about installing something of that size. I have emailed him back asking if it could be another colour other than grey...this is not a fashion statement but some mayors may be more amenable if it were black or dark green. and if we painted it ourselves would it alter the performance. I have also asked him if it has to be solid -my present tiny one is a mesh sort - owing to the high winds. Not so sure either that attaching to your chimney stack is a good idea, so you may have to cast around for a different more suitable sheltered place to put it.
Finally I have asked him the first thing that came to mind "how much!!"
When I get the answers to these questions I will post again but until then if you want to ask him about your particular case, you can email him on As he supports CSF, please mention that you are a member and saw it on the forum. good luck. :D

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