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Post by evianers » Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:21 pm

I vowed when originally joining this marvellously supportive forum that I would not simply post once or twice then forget about it all.
So for what it is worth, and hoping that this small piece of information might be of use to someone else in with a similar set of circumstances, hee is the benefit of our recent experience.
We both had grave misgivings when post-operatively our urogolist prescribed Cialis 5mgs to assist OH on the road to full recovery.
The doctor told us the tablets were not covered by either CPAM or the Mutuelle. Nevertheless, we were flabbergasted at the price of €105 for a packet of 28 pills. [No wonder Pharmaceutical companies are generally speaking doing so well].
Having now taken them for 1 month, in our instance, they have done no earthly good whatsoever - an expensive way to find this out. We should perhaps have listened to our consciences and not bothered. Perhaps other sufferers will be luckier?

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Re: Cialis

Post by pennycsf » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:33 am

Interesting and just the kind of thing that we hope people can share through this forum. Of course, someone else may be luckier.

And thanks, Evianers, for keeping us in mind. :D If you keep subscribed to the various forum pages then if someone posts you will be notified and maybe pass on your experience if it is in your area of "expertise"!!!


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