Tumour in the bladder

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Re: Tumour in the bladder

Post by pennycsf » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:23 pm

Hello Barbara

Thanks for your post. I have no personal experience of the treatment of your type of cancer in France however treatment, albeit not identical, is broadly similar and I can see no reason why your treatment, ie. checks, should not continue.

I am sure that you have made all the appropriate investigations about accessing the French health system when you arrive. It would obviously be useful if you had your notes with current treatment details and also the original treatment. If you need these translating into French, then CSF can help you to organise this. A list of local associations is on our website with an indication of the areas that they cover. Or do contact me for any further help.

Finally, do let us know how you get on as this would be very valuable to others in a similar situation to you.

I am going to move your post togive it more visibility, hope that's OK.

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