Wait and see

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Wait and see

Post by francis » Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:23 pm

I think that we all need to wait at least 6 months (that is until the beginning of 2017) before we can estimate the impact of the UK leaving the European Union.

In fact, although as a French resident for more than 15 years I could not vote, until I saw that the referendum was apparently turning on an anti-immigration wave of sentiment I would have voted to leave. This was because I feel that the UK has always been unwilling to form an integral part of an increasingly centralised "European Super State" - "no" to the €uro; no to Schengen; no to the immigration policy; no ..; no....; no ....

So in my view, the referendum result to leave was the right result for the wrong reason -xenophobia, anti-immigration, etc

As regards UK citizens living in France and using the (wonderful) French health system, I don't think that we will see any differences at all.

The UK wants to free itself of the European bureaucracy - we are still part of Europe!!

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