driving after radiotherapy

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driving after radiotherapy

Post by dubs » Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:31 pm

I start my sessions next week for five weeks.I live 25k from hospital.My husband will drive me there daily.
I would just like to know for the first few weeks is it advisable to drive oneself .Perhaps someone could advise me.

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Re: driving after radiotherapy

Post by biggles » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:04 pm

Hello Dubs,
I am not sure that I am the best to reply to you, I am not very cautious! I am 45 minutes from the hospital where I had my radiotherapy and, like you, I had 25 sessions. My husband took me for the first couple, but as I felt OK, it seemed a waste of his time to keep coming, so I drove myself.

My sessions were early morning (8.30am) and in the winter, so hubby warmed the car, got rid of the frost and then prepared a late breakfast for when I got back and collapsed around 10am. We indulged in lots of pain au chocolats and Danish pastries!!

I did get progressively tired and I can well understand that it may not be possible to drive oneself. Most of the people that I was with in the waiting room had come by taxi. It is a very personal thing, no-one reacts the same.

Best of luck,
Biggles ;)

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Re: driving after radiotherapy

Post by pennycsf » Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:28 am

Hi Dubs

I think you are perhaps querying whether or not you should drive at all during radiotherapy, rather than to and from the sessions.

Most people I know have continued to drive when they felt it was safe to do so. Unlike chemotherapy, you don't have chemicals being put into you which may well have dangerous side effects, blurred vision for example. Having said that, radiotherapy can be uncomfortable and you will get progressively more tired as the weeks go on. I think you need to listen to your body, you will know if you are fit enough to drive.

Hope that helps and others post their experiences too.

Penny :)

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