remboursement for syringes

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remboursement for syringes

Post by stanley19 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:18 am

Hi evryone, my husband suffers from neuroendocrine cancer. he has exhausted all curative therapies with no success, although this is a slow growing cancer and suffers can live for many years.
He has appalling side effects to this cancer and to an extent these are improved by 3 daily injections of octreotide, self administered and 1 large injections every 14days which I give.
He started on the 3 injections last october and they will be for life.
The problem we have is that although the ampoules and syringes are both on the long term maladie ordnannce, the pharmacy has said that cpam will not re imburse the syringes only the medication.
This is costing 50 euros per month which is a lot for us.I sent the feuille de soins to our mutuelle who say it is not covered.
The alternative is to get the nurse out to do the injections 3 times per day.
the problems here are
1. it will cost the state 98euros per day
2. She will not come at a set time so my husband would be unable to go out much for fear of missing the nurse, surely at this stage in his illness actually having a life is important! set timing is vital as they have to be administered every 6 hours
3. They are also used during a crisis to prevent an anaphylactic shock ( he is allergic to the products his tumours secrete) so if we dont self administer it would mean a trip to the urgence at dead of night

Can anyone suggest a solution or does anyone else inject and get re imboursed.
The pharmacie say a smaller needle would be re imbursed but is not compatible with this medication

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Re: remboursement for syringes

Post by KarenVM87 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:37 am

My first thought was to look online and I have found this website based in Dorset, UK who ship world wide. ... ringes.php


Exchange Supplies,
1 Great Western Industrial Centre,
Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1RD, UK

01305 262244

It maybe worth giving them a ring or email them.

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