Opening proceedings

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Opening proceedings

Postby Denise » Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:07 am

I keep looking at this site in the hope that maybe somebody might have posted something in response to the rather refreshing Welcome text. It seemed such a great idea to be able to log on and chat about the sometimes amusing challenges of having to cope on your own. Funny how something kicks in which makes you face up to the fact that you either have to sink or swim. My darling husband did everything practical in the house, so for me I can always hear a very big "well done" when I successfully overcome a huge obstacle in my eyes and some of them not so small. But I've learnt that the tv remote only works if the battery works! I now know what triple A's mean! I now know how to change light bulbs and how to turn the mains water on and off, backwash a pool, the list is endless! Chimneys need to be swept, gutters need to be cleared, central heating boilers need servicing; the exciting list of things that now fill my diary are endless! I often wonder what would have happened if the reverse were the situation and my husband was left alone to cope? Well, he would certainly not have had any problems maintaining the house, but as for day to day paperwork and all domestic chores he also would not have had an absolutely clue!

One of my main issues with living alone is the total disinterest in food. Am I alone? Cooking has always been an absolute passion of mine but it doesn't hold the same enthusiasm when just cooking for one. I just can't seem to be bothered and end up with egg on toast! Sometimes I have the urge to make a huge chilli or lasagne and then I've got meals to put in the freezer for when I get to feel eggbound! Oh, but then all the clearing up after. It all just seems like too much hard work. Now here's a point: is there anybody out there who may like to share their culinary expertise in preparing dishes for one? It would be great to get some new ideas. Mind you, it's always great to meet up with friends for a plat de jour and that solves the problem of food for the day!

I thought it was such a lovely idea (as muted in the Welcome) for people to be able to get together online and also to arrange to meet up and maybe form their own sub-groups when we can discuss the trials and tribulations of sorting our new lives out. As it says, not to be sat crying over our coffees but, yes, dare I say it, learning to laugh again and mostly now at ourselves! Being a very keen gardener I recently had the brainwave of replacing some gravel that had almost disappeared. Of course, this would have been a job for hubby, but nothing daunted I trotted up to the said supplier with six large empty compost sacks and a supply of pegs! The young lad filled them for me with a lot of huffing and puffing (but midday was looming!) and put them in the boot. Then as I was driving away feeling quite proud of myself, I began to hear the horrible sounds of gravel escaping. When I got home I didn't know how I was going to open the tailgate without a mountain of gravel rushing out. One thing my husband would be so proud of now is my new found patience! Never has been a strong point with me, but then there was always somebody to fix it! Now I have to learn to be patient because if I break it I've got to find and pay somebody to fix it! So I sat and made a coffee and thought things through (what me!) and armed with a wheelbarrow I managed to gingerly open the door and successfully transport six sacks into position. But that night I definitely needed a couple of muscle relief pills!

So in closing, is there anybody out there wanting to communicate but won't because nobody else has opened proceedings and posted something?

Can't we give it a go and see how far we get?

Fingers crossed,

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