Coffins - a light hearted look

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Coffins - a light hearted look

Post by pennycsf » Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:59 pm

Have a look at this light hearted approach to choosing your coffin, produced by the Liga contra el cancer to raise awareness and funds for research. Well, it made me smile. :D ... 1196#p1196

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Re: Coffins - a light hearted look

Post by goldenoldie » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:22 am

Just GOT to make an addition to this subject.....Years ago when my Mother was living here with me, she was always having her "last Christmas, last birthday" etc and eventually persuaded me to take her to Perpignan where LeClerc have a large funeral supermarket!!! yes really!
You go in the door and are met by a lovely cheery lady who invites you to "look around" we did.....all sorts of coffins are lined up for inspection, then all the different linings you could choose...then headstones, memorials etc all with Elvis quietly playing in the background!! You could sit down with the woman and organise and even pay for your "event" so that whenever it happened in the future, all was paid for!
In one way it was a hoot and perhaps you might think a bit irreverent but it opened my eyes to the pragmatic way the French view a subject that we English sometimes view with rather more Victorian style.
It did have a plus side for me as when my Mother did finally have her "last birthday" recently, I was able to use the choices she had made all those years ago, to give her the funeral she had wanted.

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