Subscribing to a Forum

When you log in, click on "View new posts" - this shows messages that have been posted since the last time you logged out. And have a quick look at this forum for other tips.

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Subscribing to a Forum

Post by pennycsf » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:18 am

:idea: To save you having to check regularly for new posts to a forum, you can "subscribe" to a forum. You will then receive an e-mail notifying you whenever a new posting is made to the relevant forum.

Simply select a forum from the Board Index (the main page) and you will see "Subscribe forum" on the left just above the blue bar, and below "New Topic". Simply click on this, et voila!! :lol:

This relates to the sub-silver board layout (the one that you will have unless you have changed it through the User Control Panel). However, if you have a prosilver board layout (like me) you will find the "Subscribe Forum" at the bottom of the page on the left.

You need to ensure your e-mail address is correct - click on "User control panel" at top right of screen, select "Profile" on the left side, then "Edit account settings".


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